My story

Going from Insecure, Anxious, Sad, Overweight to Confident, Grounded, Energized and Healthy in my THIRVING life!

I had a problem that I thought I could fix myself. Ryan saw that I struggled with something and helped by listening to me, saying the things I already knew and some new things I could work on. Just hearing what I already knew helped me a ton…”

Imke, Medical Student

Who is Ryan?

I’m Ryan, I’m 40 and live in downtown Minneapolis. I’m a life, relationship, business and wellness coach that is passionate about helping others solve the problems that are most meaningful to them.

Growing up, I battled anxiety, depression and high functioning OCD, being bullied, feeling lonely, being 100+ lbs overweight and not feeling confident in myself for a good portion of my life.

My life path brought me those painful experiences so I can guide others to a similar path to get to where I am now:  confident, loving, intelligent, financially successful and with a healthy wellbeing.

I’ve used several modalities to get here: self taught, therapy, retreats but the one that helped ME the most was coaching—which is why I decided to become a certified coach in 2020!

I chose NOT to settle by investing in myself with a coach.

Is your life is worth investing in? (YES)

Then Stop Settling and Start THRIVING!

“I feel so much more aligned after chatting with you! Thank you so much!”

Anna Lee Richter, Spiritual Leader and Coach


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