Business Should Feel Aligned, not Stressful

I made the scary and overwhelming jump from a cushy, safe corporate career to building a business from scratch.

In the process, I made a TON of mistakes, invested in TENS OF THOUSANDS in courses, dealt with burnout multiple times and questioned myself along the way to now feeling more at ease, abundant and working 5-10 hrs. a week!

I want to save you thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours of your time from my mistakes so you can have the business that helps YOU feel ease, abundant and never thinking about going to work for someone else again!

I left my 6 Figure job to build my purpose driven business

I answered my inner call to leave a cushy job to build my coaching and consulting business. While my job was easy, paid great and had a good work life balance, my soul was dying because it knew I needed to make a bigger impact in the world to feel fulfilled.

This is why I want to support coaches, healers and purpose driven business owners who are also answering their inner call but need support to navigate the stressors of business.

Why Work with me for your Business?

  • Worked with employees from companies of all sizes (1 employee to 200,000):

    • Wells Fargo, PayPal, Roku, Ally Bank, Brady Accounting and many others!

  • Certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma (Proven Method for Problem Solving in Business)

  • Saved Businesses $100,000’s in cost and time

  • 10+ years Consulting businesses to be more time and cost efficient

  • Emphasis on reducing stress and complexity for business owners

  • 18 years expertise in Project Management, Data Analysis, Reporting and building templates and processes

  • 1100+ hours facilitating meetings/teaching to adult learners

A World Renowned

Relationship Coach said…

After our call I made a TO DO list of tasks and then got a big chunk of something done and continuing to work on stuff the past few days.

Feeling good and appreciating our time together!

A Spiritual Coach and Business Owner said…

I left with a new perspective…and was energized to make some changed!


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